Data Protection

Protect the integrity of your data and ensure business continuity.

Assess and mitigate risk to run a disruption-free operation

Continuous availability and access are a crucial need for any modern data center, as is the security of the data itself. Ensuring resiliency and reliability from your storage solution goes hand-in-hand with adherence to compliance and best practices, as well as integration with cloud environments.

Stonecreek IT’s storage professionals use a combination of thorough risk assessment, robust infrastructure design, and Hitachi enterprise storage technology to enable a modernized data protection strategy for your business.

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Stonecreek IT protects your data with the help of Hitachi Storage technology for both cloud and on-premise environments, as well as hybrid infrastructures. We can help you build your own secure data center or cloud storage with enterprise-level disaster recovery capabilities that give you maximum visibility, control of data, and peace of mind.

  • Hitachi Content Platform
    • Object Storage for cloud and hybrid environments
    • Build your own protected private cloud and mitigate public cloud risks
    • Use your own cloud file gateways
    • Extend your existing IT investment and integrate your own applications
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Resilient and reliable data protection

Our modern data protection solutions arm your organization with:

  • A robust, policy-driven backup system that ensures compliance and continuous availability
  • A copy data management system with object storage capabilities
  • Data archives that replace and remove non-changing data-form backups and also function as a target for backup
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Network Attached Storage

Automate and simplify data management through policy-driven migration tools with Hitachi Network Attached Storage.

– Data Tiering

– Hitachi NAS Platform

– Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform N Series

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Mainframe Storage

Build data center resiliency with Hitachi VSP storage for IBM mainframe-compatible environments.

– Mainframe Storage

– Storage Management

StoneCreek IT employs a 3-factor approach to data center modernization:


We strive to build a resilient data infrastructure that is both cloud-enabled and container integrated to streamline customer experience and boost agility in business processes.


We strive to provide high-level protection, continuous availability, and thorough compliance to secure both your organization and your customer’s data.


We take advantage of intelligent technologies that predicts needs, events, and vulnerabilities in your data center, allowing improvement of operational efficiency and problem resolution.   

Safeguard your data, run compliant, and protect your business continuity.

Talk to our team to start protecting your data.