Data Center Modernization

Empower your business’ future through an innovative data storage strategy.

Reliable and scalable high-speed storage

Your organization’s data center plays an indispensable role in its growth and evolution. The company’s data repository is more than just storage; it affects every process and transaction across your entire IT infrastructure.

StoneCreek IT is a certified vendor of Hitachi storage solutions for both cloud and on-premise IT environments. We enable your data center’s digital transformation through innovative storage systems, software, and services that help you maximize efficiency and accelerate growth. 

Licenses & Features

We are licensed resellers of Hitachi storage solutions including:

Hitachi All-Flash Storage

Enterprise-level high availability solid-state arrays for large capacity storage requirements

Hitaci Virtual Storage Platform F Series – Hitachi Storage Virtualization Operating System RF – Data Tiering – Storage Management

Cloud Object Storage

Store, manage, and govern unstructured data among multiple cloud services and bridge on-premise and cloud IT with Hitachi’s Content Platform services

Hitachi Content Intelligence – Hitachi Content Platform – Hitachi Content Platform Anywhere – Hitach Content Platform Anywhere Edge – Storage as a Service

Network Attached Storage

Automate and simplify data management through policy-driven migration tools with Hitachi Network Attached Storage.

Data Tiering – Hitachi NAS Platform – Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform N Series  

Mainframe Storage

Build data center resiliency with Hitachi VSP storage for IBM mainframe-compatible environments.

Mainframe Storage – Storage Management

StoneCreek IT employs a 3-factor approach to data center modernization:


We strive to build a resilient data infrastructure that is both cloud-enabled and container integrated to streamline customer experience and boost agility in business processes.


We strive to provide high-level protection, continuous availability, and thorough compliance to secure both your organization and your customer’s data.


We take advantage of intelligent technologies that predicts needs, events, and vulnerabilities in your data center, allowing improvement of operational efficiency and problem resolution.   

It’s time to rethink your approach to data storage.

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