Cloud Adoption

Give your business greater flexibility and scalability with cloud storage

Enable your organization for a cloud-driven market

The well-known benefits of scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness are just a few reasons decision-makers should embrace cloud technology. The fact that the cloud is being adopted across your entire business network should make that move imperative.  

Integrating cloud technology to your data center will not only make your data storage and management more efficient, it will ensure seamless data transactions and robust data protection with your customers, partners, and providers.

We work with a variety of public and private cloud environments, including AWS and Microsoft Azure, implementing Hitachi Content Platform for cloud-based object storage.


Visibility and control of data

Protected private cloud

Hybrid cloud support

Integrate with HDI Cloud file gateways

Worm compliance



Variety of direct file integrations

StoneCreek IT employs a 3-factor approach to data center modernization:


We strive to build a resilient data infrastructure that is both cloud-enabled and container integrated to streamline customer experience and boost agility in business processes.


We strive to provide high-level protection, continuous availability, and thorough compliance to secure both your organization and your customer’s data.


We take advantage of intelligent technologies that predicts needs, events, and vulnerabilities in your data center, allowing improvement of operational efficiency and problem resolution.   

Build a cloud-enabled data center and become more efficient.

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