About StoneCreek Technologies

Dale Sides


Dale Sides has a very diverse work experience in the areas of Enterprise Architecture, Database Technologies, Programming, SAN and System Administration. This has proved to be valuable in the consulting arena, by leveraging past experiences and numerous industry contacts he is able to provide services and advice that is been rewarding for many clients. The combined technical and managerial experience places him in an excellent position to understand the “business needs” of a client allowing him to match those needs with the appropriate technical solution to meet a client’s goal while achieving high return on investment.  Prior to entering his technical career in the early ’90s Dale served as both a communications specialist and a cavalry scout in the United States Army obtaining the rank of Staff Sgt.  Dale served in Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Kuwait during Desert Storm.

Mark Ziskind


Mark Ziskind has worked in the field of Technology Consulting and Managed Services for over 19 years.  Prior to founding StoneCreek, Mark founded Headwaters Group in 2005, a leading Consulting and Managed Services firm specializing in Enterprise Storage, Backup and Recovery, Virtualization, and Networking. In 2004, Mark was part of Sun Microsystems’ Professional Services Consulting practice where he was responsible for advising clients on deploying storage and data management solutions.  Prior to joining Sun, Mark was part of PriceWaterhouseCoopers strategy and technology consulting practices that advised Fortune 1000 companies on technology investments and strategy.  Mark holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Tulane University in Business, as well as a Master of Science from the University of Virginia in Management Information Systems.

StoneCreek employs a 3-factor approach to data center modernization:


We strive to build a resilient data infrastructure that is both cloud-enabled and container integrated to streamline customer experience and boost agility in business processes.


We strive to provide high-level protection, continuous availability, and thorough compliance to secure both your organization and your customer’s data.


We take advantage of intelligent technologies that predicts needs, events, and vulnerabilities in your data center, allowing improvement of operational efficiency and problem resolution.   

Build a cloud-enabled data center and become more efficient.

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